Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My feelings on diversity in the classroom...

It would be a pretty boring place if everyone was the same, thank goodness there is diversity in the world. With diversity, we are challenged to set aside our own stereotypes, prejudices and views and help make our students feel valued and included, despite their differences. As an educator, I need to be aware of the diversity issues my students bring with them and let that be a guide in my teaching. One of my goals as a teacher is for my students to know I respect them and their differences.  


  1. Hi Paige,

    I'm also very thankful that there's diversity around me, and I feel very fortunate to have been raised in San Francisco. I lived in Okinawa, Japan, for a year in the past, and as an international student at one of the universities, I met people from other countries as well. After I presented a slideshow of San Francisco and all my friends of difference race, a classmate who was from Korea expressed to me that they were envious that I had grown up with so much human diversity. He had never met anyone non-Korean until he had graduated college. I'll never forget how much appreciation I felt that moment. :-)

  2. Sounds like you have had some valuable life experiences that laid the foundation for you to understand diversity well, I know your students appreciate your respect of their differences, no wonder they called you the Rock Star!