Monday, July 1, 2013

Collaboration: Collaboration of Teacher Education and Child Disability Health Care: Transdisciplinary Approach to Inclusive Practice for Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers

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Silverman, K. K., Hong, S. S., & Trepanier-Street, M. M. (2010). Collaboration of teacher education and child disability health care: Transdisciplinary approach to inclusive practice for early childhood pre-service teachers. Early Childhood Education Journal37(6), 461-468.

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  1. According to the authors, (Silverman, Hong and Trepanier-Sreet, 2010) collaboration efforts between pre-service teachers and child-disability healthcare workers prove to be advantageous in helping future teachers feel more equipped for inclusion in the school setting. Researchers asked pre-service teachers in the study if they supported inclusion. The teachers noted that they did support inclusion, but felt insecure in their abilities in teaching children with special needs. Following the study of the effects of collaboration between multidisciplinary teams and pre-service teachers, researchers concluded that teachers feel more confident in their abilities to work with children with special needs and support inclusion efforts. Future research is suggested in the areas of collaboration across disciplines in the efforts to provide improved training for teachers in the areas of inclusion.