Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My frame of reference is important because...

My frame of reference is as important "tool" I need to recognize as I collaborate with others. It is what I use to I understand and perceive a situation, based on my past experiences. As a teacher, I need to remember the importance of my frame of reference when it comes to working with many different types of people. My frame of reference can lead to positive or negative impacts when collaborating with others. As teachers, we need to be aware of the uniqueness of everyone's frame of reference and how we can use our past experiences to come together for the best interest of our students.  

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  1. Paige,

    I love the color scheme you've created here. Pretty! Looks like you are ahead of the game in finding articles and local resources. Nice set up on your resource page. How did you get the different posting titles down the side of the page?