Friday, June 28, 2013

Good communication and collaboration make a good team ...

Good interpersonal communication is vital when collaborating with others. This is the means that we exchange information regarding a shared goal or issue, without it we fail to move forward. As we communicate effectively, we can foster openness, trust and community. When we hold back and fail to communicate our concerns and ideas to address an issue we can become frustrated as the situation continues. For example, I worked previously with a PE para that would correct my students after I had already addressed their behavior. I dismissed the issue and did not address the problem with her. As the year went on, the her behavior continued and others areas she worked in. I was frustrated that I didn't handle the problem early in the school year, I did not address it with her or her lead teacher. My lack of communication brought much frustration on my part. How helpful it would have been to communicate and address this issue in a diplomatic way. It was a hard lesson, but one I have learned from. 

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